Burlesque with Robyn

With the theatrical demeanour that Burlesque brings, when Robyn invited me to come along and photograph her class, I was certainly intrigued and it wasn’t an event I had photographed before, although I have shot dancers, concerts, festivals and nightclubs so it fitted the general description of techniques required!

For the photos download or for those just wanting to see, head over to the link in the top right under “events” (Still figuring out my web design, so this may change in the future).


Portraits – The Photo Shoot with Valeria

My first photo shoot in Barcelona was with the lovely Valeria, although there was a slight barrier of language. My grasp on Spanish at the time was near to terrible so the ability to communicate poses and positions was down to Google translate and a whole lot of hand gestures.

Despite the struggle, it paid off and here’s how the single outfit shoot 03went. It was also a night shoot, which with my nightclub photography background made me feel a little nostalgia!

Alex Blake – Dance Video

My first shoot with a dancer was with Alex and fortunately for me, he’s a great dancer. Shooting with him was easy, fun and productive.

I pretty much just had to ask him to dance and then fired off many shots. This left me with a lot of photos to go through but it paid off!

As we walked all around London, finding new spots and experimenting with everything in my camera bag, it got late and we called it a day.

Keep on Dancing

But that was not to be the last time we met. We stayed in contact.

I expressed my desire to do more videography.

He expressed his desire to make a music dance video.

So we met up one more time and created this together.

You can find more from Alex on Instagram @alexblakey95