Prints and Downloads

It’s finally done! You can now purchase my photos in all their full glory, from sunsets and sunrises to the mountain tops and cityscapes. Just head over to and get buying!

You can download the photos, or print them on  a variety of materials for either hanging on your wall, putting on your phone case or even to use it as a mouse mat.

I’m using SmugMug which made this setting up process a whole lot easier than the previous teaching myself how to code route.

If you’re curious as to how to do the same, it’s a simple process, just head to the site to sign up for the 14 day trial. And if you’d like to use my affiliate link here —> SmugMug Link  <— That’d be very much appreciated too.


Have you used Smugmug before for selling or buying? How have to found using them? Let me know in the comments.

Early Morning Benefits

Waking up early in the morning is always a struggle but there are numerous ways of aiding in the rolling out of bed and starting the day. One of the first things I do when I wake up is try to list all the reasons why I want to get up, what I need to do and the excitement that it may bring.

Often the idea of running outside when I’m half asleep seems a little too much effort but then I start to imagine my route and what I might see.

Here’s a few of the ones I stopped to photograph:

New Flyer

As I have now been in Barcelona for quite a while, I’ve not managed to make myself a marketing plan or attempted to get my name out there properly, so this weekend I made my first step and created a flyer. It’s an initial design that might change, or may stay the same.

The second step will be getting it printed and then distributed amongst the lovely people that are either living or visiting this incredible city.

A lot of my hesitation towards putting myself out there is that I wasn’t sure what type of photography I wanted to do. And truthfully I still love all kinds, exploring new ideas and creating something that could only be amazing for myself. That been said, I most enjoy taking photos of people, interacting with their environment, may it be simply taking it all in or enjoying an overly energetic activity.

If you’re in Barcelona at any point and would love to have a photo shoot or know of anyone else that might like to have one, keep me in mind!

In the meanwhile, hope you guys all have a great day and appreciate the weather (in my case, the sunshine!).