Simple Lens Flare Removal

The quick easy way to remove a lens flare

Have you ever taken a photo and then when you’ve left that location, you look at your image and see a giant lens flare that doesn’t always take a large portion of your image but is prominent enough to distract from what you were trying to capture? (I feel like that question could have been posed a little simpler)

Well, for those of you that have access to Photoshop, this is arguably easier for you but it’s not a necessity (If you don’t want to read the PS part, scroll down to the horizontal line).

Going for HDR effect helped to emphasise the bottom right lens flare

Please note this is just a quick fix and if you’re looking to print or blow up an image, you might want to look into more accurate methods or spend longer on incremental changes. So this isn’t the only method, but it’s effective. (For a quick fix and for the majority of purposes, this is more than suffice, i.e Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

So what’s this magic trick you’re so aptly building up anticipation to?!

It’s this!

The spot healing brush  

What does it do? It blends the colour and luminosity of the selected area with the surrounding area.

How do you use it? Use the brush to select the area you want to remove/blend and wait for Photoshop to do it’s processing.

You have three options to select from: Content-Aware, Create Texture and Proximity Match.  They all have their own merits but I found the use of Create Texture the least productive as it attempts to repair and blend using a texture pattern.

Using Content-Aware or Proximity Match both worked well for me in this instance but Content-Aware had a slight edge in staying true to the overall image (I think it analyses more of the image) although the differences in the two were marginal, I’d suggest you experiment with both to see the results that work best for your particular image as it will vary.*

End result (I preferred this aspect ratio so cropped)


So what do you do if you don’t have Photoshop and just a phone? You can download the app created by Google, Snapseed. It’s an impressive free photo editing app available on both iOS and Android. Along with the ability to make basic adjustments, it also has a healing brush tool although there’s only the one option so at least there’s less to remember!

And then there’s the other even simpler method of cropping out! In the image above, I cropped first and then used the spot healing brush to remove the lens flare.

Remember though that just because it’s not intended or due to the quality of your lens, doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing. Sometimes a lens flare is exactly what you need.

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*From what I understand, Proximity Match takes the surrounding pixels and blends them whereas Content-Aware recreates a texture based on the surrounding pixels rather than blend them. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

Platja de Castelldefels

A four hour getaway near to home

Watching a window watcher

The other day I headed a bit further afield via the wonderful train system and stepped off the platform at the one and only Castelldefells.


Fortunately, I managed to pick a sunny day to go out exploring a beach area, except the walk from the train station to Platja de Castelldefels got a little warm.

If you have a scooter, bike or any other means of transport, I’d recommend using it in this case (or walk slow!)

Once at the beach, I just walked around a little bit, took in the sun, watched people play, saw dogs run, and took shots.

Platja de Castelldefels – Tranquillity at its best

It’s great to explore the area you’re in, but sometimes you just need to go out further and see something different. Castelldefels is only about 20 minutes on the train and yet feels like a whole new place, despite still being classified as Barcelona.

Another planet

Even though there’s good chunks of beach near where I’m living, experiencing the same concept elsewhere helps to bring a renewed sense of energy.

It’s like a four hour holiday because you break entirely from your current life’s location.

The path ahead

Plaza España – Plaça España

Take the scenic route… whenever possible.

I like waking up early in the mornings, not because it makes me more productive, but because it allows me to take my time to get things done. When this comes to work, it’s not such a good thing, I work a lot better under pressure.

However, when it comes to exploring (which I hope will be my full time job one day) the scenic routes always require a lot of time, there’s just only so fast you can walk before it becomes running, then things just get way out of hand.

In my last travel category post, I wrote about Palau Nacional but I didnt’ mention where I went on my way over there because it deserves its own spotlight. My early morning walking allowed me to stop by Parc de Joan Miró which is known for housing the 22m high sculpture known as Dona i Ocell (Woman and Bird).

Wulf Willis - Dona I Ocell in Barcelona
Dona I Ocell in amongst a construction site

The structure was designed by Miró but the colourful tiles on the outside was the responsibility of Joan Gardy Artigas and was created as a means of welcoming visitors to Barcelona via land. It was a part of a trilogy of sculptures for land, sky and sea with this one being the last.

This isn’t the only thing to do there though, there’s a park (clue’s in the name), a few ping pong tables, a playground and palm trees which should meet the minimum requirements for having fun outside.

Heading into Parc de Joan Miró

Moving on from there, I stopped every two minutes to take a shot down towards the Plaza and then turned around and took one of the palace, back and forth. There’s just a whole lot in one area.

Here’s what I could have seen on the way to Palau Nacional, if I hadn’t stopped, in about 15 minutes of walking:

  • Palau Nacional
  • Plaza Espanya
  • Parc de Joan Miró – Dona i Ocell
  • Arenas de Barcelona – The Old Bull Ring and now shopping mall
  • Torres Venecianes (The Two Towers)
  • Font Mágica de Monjuic (Magic Fountain)

As sightseeing goes, Barcelona makes it pretty easy to do!