It is About You

Just some thoughts I was thinking whilst on the plane.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and interpretations in the comments!

You need to go find yourself. 
 You need your journeys alone. 
 To explore. 
 To spend time with yourself.

 But you need a base. 
 You need to settle yourself, ground yourself.
 You need to have something you know you can rely on. 
 Something that won't run away when you are at your lowest.
 You need a passion. Not an obsession. That's something different.
 Something you know you can always do.
Some find it in family.
 But even family is not always permanent. 
 You need something intrinsic.
 What is this thing?
 It's a knowing.
 It's an activity.
 A ritual.
Not so tangible.
 It's a mantra.
 Find it for you. 
 Only you.

 Everyone is different, so it's different for everyone.
 But when you find your thing.
 When you discover what you need.
 When you realise your own truth.
 It won't matter where you are.
 It won't matter how you are.
 It won't matter what you've done.
 How high up, or how low down.
 You have that thing to always return to.

 It's you.
 The true you.

 Everything that you know is within you.
 Every good trait you once had.
 Every positive action you took.
 Every happy showing you gave.
 Every exceptional display of greatness; No matter for how long.
 It's all that's good about you.

 That is you. 

 The negatives are just moments of weakness. 
 The negatives need not be the finale.
 The negatives go down. They disappear. 
They don't add to your life.

 You do bad, you do good.
 But you are not bad. 
 You are good.

 Know it. 
 Rely on it
 Believe it.
 Do more of it. 

Transforming Your Life in an Instant

Over time I’ve constantly sought new goals, trying new things and rarely succeeding in any of them. It’s the expectation that if you want something bad enough, you’ll get it in an instant.

Though that’s not the case.

They say if you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way. Otherwise, you’ll find an excuse and give up.

This all comes down to your mindset you have when looking to achieve. The problem isn’t so much desire as it it knowing how to realise that desire.

Maybe you want to be in that ultimate job or become an expert in guitar. Perhaps you want to be able to run a 4-minute mile or learn to take photos like me!

Your goal isn’t the issue, it’s not even unrealistic, it’s that you’re lacking something vital.


It took me about 5 hours to get to this viewpoint, walking, step by step, little by little

With patience you don’t expect to receive something quickly.

You expect to wait.

You allow yourself to take your time.

And with patience, you find yourself working towards your goal day by day whilst learning to appreciate the process along the way.

If you’re not enjoying  the journey, savouring what each day  brings you, you won’t appreciate the destination, or even worse, you won’t realise it when you’re there.

Set Small Goals

Once you understand the need for patience with yourself, it’s hard to figure out how to put that into practice. Set yourself small achievable goals with no time frame in which to achieve it, but instead to do something towards it everyday.

For example, I set myself the challenge of reading more. I aimed to read the book, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”  by reading it daily. It didn’t matter if I read one word or 20 pages. What mattered is that I opened the book and saw the inside.

Over time I found myself reading more pages each time. I even ended up taking it with me on my explorations as I became more excited about what would come next.

Then on Tuesday when I went on a hike, I ended up losing it about ten pages before I would have finished it. My heart dropped when I discovered my loss (though hopefully someone finds it and it becomes their gain).

The spot where I suspect I lost my book

In the past, this would have made me given up. Instead I bought the book again. I finished it in  a total of just over two weeks.

Build yourself a little habit, that’s good for your future, because it builds up until it becomes something incredible.

It is vital though, that you have a little patience with yourself.

Spanish Class Reflection

Spanish class reflection will not be about reviewing how the class was taught or if it necessarily improved my ability in Spanish. This article is about what else I learnt about how to learn and what it made me realise about life tasks in general.

There are so many ways to learn something, from immersion to little by little but all have the commonality that if you’re going to succeed in it, you’ll be needing consistency.

It has been a few weeks since the end of the course and I’ve practised here and there but not at the same level, and although I’ve retained a fair amount, it’s not so fresh in mind. This may have been affected by my recent trips away with different languages been spoken but this doesn’t mean I’ve given up.

Consistency is the key to success and social interaction is a growth that can’t really be achieved in another manner, or at least so easily.

I recently saw a quote on my Instagram feed which something along the lines of, “if you can’t find anyone to join you, go by yourself and you’ll find people who think the same way as you.”

Your group of friends might be great but you’re unlikely to match on every single interest and that’s where networking and exploring new ventures can open up avenues to meeting people that you match on different areas. Joining a Spanish course allowed me to meet people who all had the same common goal, and yet we all had such different personalities, it was somewhat enlightening.

I’ll leave it here with these two lessons I learnt from the course:

Lesson 1: Be consistent in your pursuit of goals and you’ll see it develop towards that

Lesson 2: Social interaction shouldn’t be limited but widened through exploring, either through finding new places or trying new activities